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Digital Lab workshop: Improving the union experience for online-only members

Key question: How can unions understand and support the needs of members who join and interact only online?

Online – 1:30pm-4:00pm – Tuesday 7 December 2021

Throughout the pandemic, many workers have been driven to join unions for the first time. And for sectors in lockdown most of this recruitment and member onboarding has happened online. 

This means a growing proportion of our members have never been to a physical union event or talked in person to a rep. They may be more isolated in workplaces where work from home and distancing have reduced collective community and union awareness. With current workplace trends and potential further waves of the pandemic to come, this may be the new normal for many.

This Digital Lab workshop will look at how we understand the needs of our currently online-only members, and what being a union member feels like to them. 

Are there ways to build activism and leadership in an online-only world? Are we able to bridge the gap between online-only and traditional membership communities? What new tools and services might we need?

About the event

This is an event for staff of TUC affiliated unions, particularly those working in organising, communications, IT, information management or data protection, as well as strategic leadership. 

The interactive workshop will be delivered online via Zoom and using Miro for collaboration.

Register here for the online event