digital healthcheck

TUC digital healthcheck (v3.02)

The TUC’s digital healthcheck is a simple tool that you can work through in around 20 minutes, to help establish where your union stands on digital maturity.

An interactive Excel spreadsheet looks at seven aspects of digital maturity – strategic approach, digital in the organisation, membership, communications, web presence, data, IT and systems. There are no right or wrong scores; is it rather a means to snapshot and analyse your union’s current position on the digital maturity journey.

The results are presented graphically, category by category, together with a summary view. The report you get will help your union focus on the key areas they need to develop in organisational digital maturity to match their operational priorities.

It has been designed to be a process entirely owned by the union concerned, rather than the TUC, with private results to let unions work with it in the way they want, and choose how they want to share or collaborate on findings.

Summary benefits:

  • Clear summary view and detailed breakdown, to help you make strategic choices, decisions and investments;
  • A benchmark you can retain, to track progress against in future;
  • Guidance on possible techniques and technologies that your union may benefit from developing further;
  • A means to generate debate and consensus within the union on holistic approaches to tackle the challenges of digital transformation.

Download the tool now:

Register here to download the TUC digital healthcheck (latest version v3.02, published 7 May 2020). We will email the files to the address you specify here.