Two IT technicians responding to a cyber attack. Photo Marco VDM / Getty Images

Cyber security for unions

Cyber security underpins everything we do in unions to build up our digital systems and create a better digital experience for our members. Without the trust that our data is safe from attack any union would be severely compromised.

As data storage has moved online, this has seen an increase in the scope of digital threats. This has resulted in a new phase in the ‘arms race’ between cyber security and malicious actors, with innovation in both the threats and the responding security technologies.

For unions, who maintain a large collection of highly sensitive personal data in their membership records, good cyber security has become essential. Personal data caches are increasingly valuable to hackers, while data protection laws have become more demanding over time. Any breach would result in not just a hefty fine, but also a damaging blow to both reputation of the union and the trust of the membership.

In this guide, we look at cyber security in the context of trade unions. We examine the unique issues faces by unions and examine the most dominant current threats.

Where applicable, practical measures are outlined for addressing some of the risks facing unions. There is a focus on the government-backed ‘Cyber Essentials’ security standard, which will be helpful to many unions in devising plans and mitigating damage.

Finally, the evolution of cyber threats is examined, to help better understand what the risks will look like in the future. With the fast pace of technical innovation, this future isn’t far away.

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