The TUC Digital Team are working on a series of practical tools and resources for trade unions.

8 principles for digital transformation in unions

Developed with strategic input from across TUC affiliates, this set of draft principles for digital transformation can help unions find their way in an unfamiliar space as they embark on digital change projects.

Digital union health check

We have developed a self-assessment tool for unions to establish the effectiveness and sustainability of their current digital offering. It’s an interactive Excel file that uses a matrix of questions to help unions start a conversation internally about benchmarking their level of digital maturity and deciding where they need to focus their efforts.

Megaphone UK

A shared petitioning platform for TUC affiliated trade unions, run in partnership with Australian union organisation VHTC. The TUC can help unions run online actions to back up industrial campaigns. Megaphone UK aims to build capacity for smaller unions who do not yet have online campaign software of their own. And it allows larger unions to access support from the wider union movement, backing up their industrial power with consumer and community power.

Join Together

The TUC Digital Lab has partnered with a developer co-operative to build a modern and mobile-friendly online joining system for trade unions, who don’t yet take online paperless direct debit membership applications or who would like to modernise older systems.

The tool allows unions to set their own branding, membership options and data requirements, but benefit from common development of the core system for best practice in online joining, onboarding and member retention.

Other tools

As well as managing the TUC’s presence online, the TUC also offers services to our affiliated trade unions.

An online community for trade union reps. With around 10,000 union reps registered, the network provides peer support to complement unions’ existing support structures. The network can be accessed on its own website or via dedicated app available for Android and IOS devices.

TUC Education online learning

More and more of the TUC’s training for union activists and officers is being provided online, allowing a wider range of people to access development in their union roles.