Looking at charts of organisational performance. Image: Natee127 / Getty Images

An analytics guide for unions

Doing more with data is a huge opportunity for unions. This report sets out the basis for a common framework for using data that can be adopted by unions to understand, report on, and improve the way they serve members across the entire member lifecycle. 

Analytics can help unions:

  • Find and attract more non-members,
  • Increase the rate at which people join,
  • Improve member participation in campaigns, meetings and trainings,
  • Increase uptake of and satisfaction with union services,
  • Reduce member attrition,
  • Improve members’ happiness and willingness to recommend the union to others.

The report explains how to collect and analyse the right data, understand what positive and negative trends look like, as well as how to use data to tell a story that brings about improvements in the union’s operations.

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This report was written for the TUC Digital Lab by Sam Jeffers of Join Together.