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Introducing cloud CRM platforms for unions

We asked unions last year about what they wanted in terms of shared activity around the CRM projects so many of us are going through. One of those things was more to demystify the market for platform CRM, and which products are out there. 

Many of us have been using particular membership database products for a long while, and there’s a potential jump in terms of moving to a newer generation of cloud CRM tools. The market leaders in this space have many ways in which they differ from traditional membership databases, and in which they differ from each other. So there’s a lot to get our heads around as we do our research.

We planned a series of informal calls with suppliers, looking at the three big CRM platforms that are on many unions’ research lists – Salesforce, Dynamics and iMIS. We wanted to give them a chance to explain in their own words what made their tools distinct from the rest of the market, and give unions a chance to discuss what it means for them.


Our call was on 13 June, with Ed Hurrell, Priyanka Pabbi and Andrew Phethean from Salesforce, and Finian Quinn from the Salesforce implementer Bluewave.

You can watch the presentation parts of the event here:

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Microsoft Dynamics 365

On 27 June we heard from Simon Farrell and Graeme Donnell of Microsoft implementation partner Incremental. They talked about how unions could structure CRM projects within the wider Microsoft software ecosystem, using Dynamics.

Watch the presentation here:

You can download the slides from the presentation here.


And on 5 July, we looked at membership organisation focused platform iMIS with Niroo Rad, Senior Consultant at iMIS parent company, ASI.

You can watch his presentation here:

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What have we learned?

If you’re involved in a union CRM change projects, please join us on 11 July for an informal chat about what we’ve seen across these three presentations. Register here.