Workers looking at a mobile phone. Photo: SolStock / Getty Images

Making the most of mobile for union digital

One of the biggest shifts in digital over the last decade has been the move to mobile. The overwhelming majority of working age Britons now own a smartphone, and it’s given them a new and much more natural relationship with digital channels.

The ability to complete an ever wider range of tasks over the internet, from wherever you happen to be, has raised users’ expectations. And that can be hard for unions to keep up with.

Our latest report, “Making the most of mobile for trade union digital”, takes a closer look at what mobile means for users and their unions. It’s been written with regular Digital Lab contributor Simon Parry of

We’ve looked too at how unions are currently fairing in their mobile communications, and where some might stand to make progress. And we’ve dug into some of the competing technologies in this space.

Getting mobile in your own union

If you’d like to find out more about this, check out the new report. You can register to download it here.