Understanding your union’s direct debit options

Direct Debit has been really important to unions. It helps safeguard union income against the threats to check-off dues collection. And it also helps us make more of the opportunities for a direct and personalised membership experience with our members. For most unions, running Direct Debits as efficiently as possible will be a real boon to the union’s administration its bottom line.

We ran a webinar with Jyoti Hull-Jurkovic and Alex Kopetzky, cofounders of digital developer Zentso. Zentso work across the Salesforce and IMIS CRM systems, and have supported unions in the UK and around the world on projects in CRM and payments.

Jyoti published a report recently, demystifying the huge range of options on Direct Debit for unions, and discussing how unions could best integrate Direct Debit into their core systems, and the effect this could have in improving union processes.

Jyoti and Alex run through some of the report’s scope in this presentation video, but you can download the full paper from Zentso here.