Improving your video call presence – a how to guide

Since the lockdown, video conferencing has become second nature for our team meetings and one to one calls. And more of us are giving presentations online to union conferences, rallies and meetings, or being interviewed in our homes for media or training webinars.  

When you’re doing this kind of presentation, you control a lot more about the way you’re seen on screen than you would have done at a physical event that had been set up by somebody else. You are also viewed much closer up than usual, so the little things about your presentation can get more scrutiny.  

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Recruiting hard-to-engage workers on digital during Covid-19

TUC Digital Lab case study with BFAWU

Coronavirus is changing how people work and how unions organise. Face to face contact in every sector is being reduced due to social distancing measures, more employees working from home, workplaces opening and closing due to government lockdowns and significant portions of workers on furlough.

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Benchmarking our digital organising

How we adapt union organising to fit a digital-first world is a critical question for unions. Even before the pandemic we were seeing increasing organising challenges from fragmented workplaces and casualised work. This year though, face to face access to workers has been really hard, and many unions have found it hard too to support activists to organise locally where they do have access.

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4 things we learned from running Organise 2020

The TUC hosted our first major online digital event, Organise 2020, on 9-11 July. It had originally been conceived as an offline organising summit for several hundred organisers and reps at Congress House in London. But when the lockdown came, it was pretty quickly obvious we’d need to develop a new approach, exclusively using online technology to organise, promote and host the event. 

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Supporting union governance in digital transformation

Lots of us have had digital transformation thrust upon us by the coronavirus pandemic, having to switch up our time-honoured ways of working with little notice. Over the last few months, we have had to transition the TUC’s Executive Committee and General Council meetings online.

Using these meetings as a case study, we’ve learned a few things about how to support governance while going through (sudden, unexpected!) digital transformation.

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Double-down on reps, not digital

By Eth Morgan & John Chadfield

We’re two tech workers; a software engineer and a product manager. Our role over the years has been to develop and maintain the kind of digital apps and tools that are now commonplace in people’s hands. We’re also trade unionists and members of the Tech Workers’ Coalition

We’d been invited by TUC Digital Labs to share our expertise in working with a TUC affiliate, the Royal College of Midwives, as part of a pilot project, looking at questions around improving the accuracy of member data – something that’s key to helping the union’s work in continually improving their membership experience.

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